04 January 2013

Downsizing a Lifetime

The new Ra'anana retirement home of artists Miriam and Mel Alexenberg in Ahuzat Bayit is featured in the article "Downsizing a Lifetime" in The Jerusalem Post Magazine series on the most beautiful homes in Israel (text by Gloria Deutsch, photos by Uriel Messa), 4 January 2013, pages 26-29.

"Walking into the apartment feels a little like walking into a doll's house.  It's very neat, very compact, and most of the furnishings and fittings are white so as not to overpower the small space.  Color -- and there is plenty of it -- comes from flowers, plants and a few decorative items but is mostly concentrated on the walls, which are embellished with a selection of the unconventional art that both have pursued over the years."

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