28 June 2020

Kabbalah of Ari's Baseball Cap


Aharay/After (Leviticus 16:1-18:30) 

“God said to Moses:  Speak to your brother Aaron that he shall don a tunic and pants on his body of special cloth, gird himself with a cloth belt and wear a special cloth cap.” (Leviticus 16: 2, 4)

Aaron wore a special uniform to carry out his priestly role in the sanctuary.  Our son Ari wore a Petah Tikva Pioneers uniform.

We named our southpaw son Aharon when he was born, but call him Ari. He was pitcher and coach in the Israel Baseball League.

Mel photographed Ari and his Petah Tikva Pioneers teammates wearing red tunics, belts and baseball caps with white pants.

Modi'in Miracle pitcher, 6' 7" Maximo Nelson, stands for singing Hatikvah with a batboy wearing a uniform with flowing tzitzit fringes.

At the end of the game between the Pioneers and the Miracle, Ari, the winning pitcher was surrounded by fans asking for his autograph.


“Hillel declared: Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace.” (Avot/Ethics of the Fathers 15: 2)

As baseball coach, our son Aaron used his human relations skills to pursue peace between players who came to Israel from many lands.

As coach, Ari (a lion) used his strength to forge a unified team as he realized his dream of being a professional baseball player.  

10 players on the field created a kabbalistic game of 10 sephirot.

He saw Keter, Hokhmah and Binah playing the outfield, Hesed, Gevurah, Netzah, and Hod playing the infield, and Malkhut as catcher.

Ari as Tiferet on the mound pitched his fastball past the batter Yesod of the opposing team into the mitt of Malkhut.

When Yesod hit the next pitch over the fence and out of the field, the crowd cried out "Ayn Sof! Ayn Sof!" (Infinity! Infinity!)

Now, Ari is also a catcher represented as Malkut where all the 10 sephirot come down to earth into the world of Asiyah (action), the everyday world of space and time.

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