18 April 2017

Greatest Miracle

(From The Jerusalem Post, April 18, 2017)

Yaakov Katz is right on the mark in “The tikkun olam myth” (Editor’s Notes, April 14).  Jews worldwide can reconnect by recognizing an even greater miracle than the Exodus from Egypt. 

Liberating one nation of thousands from enslavement in one country after hundreds of years of exile and its return to the Land of Israel pales in comparison with the Zionist miracle in our time.  The return of millions of Jews, the indigenous people of the Land of Israel, from a hundred countries after thousands of years of exile to live in freedom in the reborn State of Israel is miraculous.

Three times a day, Jews have cried out the words of the prophet Isaiah during their 2,000 years of bitter exile, “Sound the great shofar for our freedom, create the miracle of gathering our exiles and bring us together from the four corners of the earth into our land.” What an amazing privilege for Jews to see their people’s prayers answered in their lifetime. 

American youth can experience tikkun olam (repairing the world) in action by getting on a plane and flying to Israel to see its Arab citizens living, working and studying alongside the country’s Jewish citizens in an island of peace surrounded by barbarian turmoil.  Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs can live in freedom.

As American Jews living with our sabra children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Israel, my wife and I feel the greatest miracle in Jewish history in every aspect of our daily life. 

MEL ALEXENBERG, Ra’anana              

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