26 August 2016

Realizing Isaiah's Vision


When my wife Miriam and I visited Achuzat Sara Children's Home in Bnei Brak, we saw the vision of Isaiah in action in the Land of Israel.   Headmaster Shmuel Ron told us that the aim of his work is to put smiles on the faces of orphaned, abandoned, neglected, and abused children.  He and his wife created a community of loving kindness that 130 children consider their home.   

Achuzat Sara’s educational and social programs help its children gain self-esteem, develop emotionally and spiritually, and grow into responsible and productive adults.  
The children are encouraged to cultivate their talents in areas ranging from art, music and theater to sports, computers and science.  We documented our visit in our “Torah Tweets” blogart project http://bibleblogyourlife.blogspot.com.

We saw pictures of dismal pasts transformed into visions of bright futures through the loving kindness permeating Achuzat Sara.  We met professional adults who grew up at Achzat Sara Children’s Home working there as teachers and social workers.  It is a tribute to the vision of Emunah Women who have been making Isaiah’s dream a reality by having created Ahuzat Sara and many other projects of hesed in action throughout the Jewish State.                

For the full Times of Israel blogpost on August 19, 2016, see http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/realizing-isaiahs-vision-2/

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