28 January 2014

My New Book - Photographing God: Crreating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life

Photographing God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life teaches how to create a blog that cultivates imaginative ways to photograph God in everyday life while crafting a vibrant dialogue between the blogger’s story and the Bible’s story.  It draws on the biblical narrative, the wisdom of kabbalah, and digital technologies to develop conceptual and practical tools for photographing God as divine light reflected from every facet of the blogger’s life.  

Photographing God offers opportunities for discovering how the biblical narrative provides fresh insights for seeing the spiritual dimensions of life in a networked world.  It develops skills for looking inward at the blogger’s own creative process to energize the outward search for meaningful images to photograph.  An exemplary blog http://bibleblogyourlife.blogspot.com demonstrates innovative ways to enhance images with colorful texts for dissemination worldwide through the blogosphere and Twitterverse.       

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