29 December 2013

Angels, Biofeedback Imaging, and the Jewish Origins of Art

Israel National Radio's "Life Lessons with Judy Simon"

Mel Alexenberg tells of art in the postdigital age.     
An enthralling show!

Where is the boundary between science and art?

Why do major art schools worldwide require the reading of a book about art and Judaism?

How did Rembrandt's angels ascend from the New York subway and fly around the world, making

NBC, CBS and CNN news and piquing the interest of the Lubavitcher Rebbe?

Where were the world's largest tzitziot (ritual fringes) tied and why?

How can a person's portrait change with one's thoughts?

Professor Menachem (Mel) Alexenberg is a world renowned artist, author and art educator whose work is exhibited in more than 40 museums worldwide. In this week's show, Professor Alexenberg shares his fascinating journey through the world of postdigital art and tells of the respect the general art world has shown his unabashedly Jewish-centered approach to his art.

Tune in for a enthralling show with an innovative thinker!

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