30 November 2012

Praise to the Czechs

The Czech Republic is the only European country that moved past Europe's anti-Semitic past to vote against the UN attack on Israel by the genocidal Palestinian Arabs.

These murders approved by the UN General Assembly showered Israel's civilian population with thousands of rockets.  One made a direct hit on my niece's apartment house in Kiryat Malachi killing her neighbors and sending her children into shock!

I'm happy to be in Prague participating in the Mutaphorphosis conference exploring interrelationships between art and science.

The last time I was there was in 2004 for my exhibition Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels/Aesthetic Peace Plan for the Middle East at the Robert Guttman Gallery, Jewish Museum in Prague.  Miriam and I spent a wonderful few weeks there living in a romantic attic apartment in the museum.

At the opening of my exhibition, I explained my Aesthetic Peace Plan to the ambassadors of Israel and the United States.

Comment from Jeorge Enoughie:
Maybe the Czech have a good memory and they realize that what Israel is going through now is not much different from their own experience in the 1930s... Here's a powerful video on why Israel is the new Czechoslovakia: "Israel 2013 - Czechoslovakia 1938: http://www.geopolitics.us/?p=1525 

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