14 September 2012

Postdigital Consciousness

My paper "Postdigital Consciousness" was published in the Swiss magazine Archithese: International Thematic Review of Architecture, No. 4, 2012. Below is the Archithese editor's summary.  For the full paper see: http://www.melalexenberg.com/paper.php?id=42

Paradigm Shift from Hellenistic to Hebraic Roots of Western Civilization
The Hellenistic concept of an ideal and static state of perfection is losing relevance in a networked world that is alive, thriving through dialogue and fast interaction.  An aspiration for rest might remain, but the non-linear dynamics of the universe and everything within cannot be ignored.  It is a process which departs from the formal object to focus once again on the vitality of nature and us as human beings.  

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