27 July 2011

Torah Tweets: Book 4 / Numbers במדבר

A Postdigital Biblical Commentary as a Blogart Narrative

See our Torah Tweets blogart project at  http://torahtweets.blogspot.com in which we show 6 images for each of the 10 torah portions in Numbers, the fourth biblical book. To whet your appetite for seeing the entire project, we are showing here one image from each of 4 torah portions with torah tweets referring to these images.
The torah portions shown are Shelah (A Different Spirit), Hukat (Miriam's Well), Pinhas (Sight and Insight), and Mattot (Talking Rocks and Trees).

The Lubavicher Rebbe teaches: The purpose of life lived in torah is not the elevation of the soul; it is the sanctification of the world.

Only Joshua and Calev with his "different spirit" could recognize the spiritual in mundane tasks and hard work when accomplished in freedom.

The Arizal, Rabbi Isaac Luria, taught that on entering the Land of Israel, Miriam's well reappeared gushing water beneath the Sea of Galilee.

Why is "see" repeated twice? At first glance, Moses saw the Dead Sea and desert. Then, he saw the future of his people in their land.

Rabbi Haim ben Attar explained that Moses gained a deeper vision. He saw boys and girls playing in the Land of Israel.

Calev's different spirit and independent thought is sorely needed by Calev's descendants who have resettled the Land of Israel in our day.

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