27 May 2011

Torah Tweets: Book 3 / Leviticus ויקרא

A Postdigital Biblical Commentary as a Blogart Narrative

See our Torah Tweets blogart project at http://torahtweets.blogspot.com/  
in which we show 6 images for each of the 11 torah portions in Leviticus, the third biblical book. To whet your appetite for seeing the entire project, we are showing here one image from each of 4 torah portions with torah tweets referring to these images.

The torah portions shown are Aharay (Kabbalah of Aharon's Baseball Cap), Pesach (Freedom in Crete), Behar (Action Angels & Bicycles), Behukotai (Torah in a Potato).

Modi'in Miracle pitcher, 6' 7" Maximo Nelson, stands for singing Hatikvah with a batboy wearing a uniform with flowing tzitzit fringes.

10 players on the field created a kabbalistic dance of 10 sephirot in Mel's mind as he watched baseball being played in the Holy Land.

Circular matzot symbolize idolatry. Since words in the torah are written without vowels, calf (EGeL) can also be read as circle (EGuL).

The idolatrous transgression of the Israelites was their worship of Ra, the sun God represented in Egyptian art as a golden circle.

Angels in the World of Action (Asiyah) are bits and bytes of consciousness of everyday life called ofanim. Bicycles are ofanayim.

If we make torah and our lives integrally one, we will be rewarded with material blessings of bountiful crops and abundant fruit.

All the torah is in a potato if we reveal it by carving out Hebrew letters that have no separate existence from the potato itself. 

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