26 May 2011

Torah Tweets: Book 2 / Exodus שמות

 A Postdigital Biblical Commentary as a Blogart Narrative

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in which we show 6 images for each of the 11 torah portions in Exodus, the second biblical book.  To whet your appetite for seeing the entire project, we are showing here one image from each of 4 torah portions with torah tweets referring to these images.

The torah portions shown are Mishpatim (Tune Out, Turn Off, Unplug), Terumah (Kabbalah of Love), Vayakhel (Non-Art Day), Tetzaveh (Growing Gold).  

On day 7, we don't e-mail, don't tweet on Twitter, don’t write on Facebook walls, don't link on LinkedIn, don't Google, don't blog.
No banks of TVs, bank ATM's, phone sales, wireless accesses to all Israeli citizens for issuing gas masks, nor coffee shop video totems.
The names Ohad and Iyrit spelled out on the pathways between the sephirot trace spirituality flowing down into everyday life.
They are wed to each other through the sephirah of inner beauty (tiferet) that brings intentions, thoughts and emotions into the world of action.

After holding the baby, Elianne took candlesticks, put a doily on her head, covered her eyes and sang the blessing over Sabbath candles.

If it wasn't weekday play but the real thing, lighting the candles would usher in a Non-Art Day in which we cease from all creative work.

Hiking in the desert, we suddenly caught sight of a single acacia tree isolated in the valley as we came over the top of hill.

We walked down the rocky hill photographing the tree as we got closer. Miriam sat down to rest under the tree.

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