19 October 2008

Down-to-Earth Spirituality

This is part of the Subway Angels series of mixed media artworks on which I screened the message "The biblical words for angel and food are written with the same four Hebrew letters to tell us that angels are spiritual messages arising from everyday life."

The October 2008 issue NAEA News announced the formation of a new National Art Education Association caucus "Spirituality in Art Education" initiated by Peter London and Susan Nakao. Citing Kandinsky's Concerning the Spiritual in Art, they invited people interested in joining the caucus to compose a brief essay portraying their visions of an intellectual landscape to shape a community of discourse on the spiritual in art education.
I wrote a paper, 'Concerning Down-to-Earth Spirituality in Art Education' to update Kandinsky's modernist proposal for a post-modernist, post-digital, networked world. It was published in NAEA News in February 2009.

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